Ten Personal Gifts, Your Boss will Appreciate

It can be tough to decide what kind of gift is appropriate for your boss!  You want it to be special but not inappropriate.  You want to do something nice without looking like your kissing up.  We’ve all been there.  Hopefully, this guide will help you find the perfect gift for your boss!

Your Boss’s Favorite Restaurant:

Take your boss to his favorite restaurant and treat him to lunch.  Better yet, volunteer to cover things so that your boss can enjoy an extended lunch break at your expense!  Or buy a gift certificate for your boss and a special guest at her favorite restaurant.

Appreciation Book:

Make a little book that shows how much you appreciate everything your boss does.  Maybe a thank you page for that time she covered your shift so you could care for a sick child or that time he pulled strings so you could get the perfect dates for your vacation.  Maybe add a page that includes your favorite picture from the office Christmas party that your boss put together.  Get creative.  Use your imagination!

Coupon Book:

Make a little booklet full of coupons that your boss can redeem for extra help at work and other little favors.  For example, include a coupon for a free night of babysitting so your boss and their spouse can enjoy a nice evening.  Maybe you could offer free coffee for a week.  Your boss will appreciate little helps like these.

Personalized Coffee Mug:

Have a mug designed with an appreciation saying on it or your boss’s name.  You could even have a favorite photograph printed on it for them – their awesome car or their adorable children.  “World’s Greatest Boss” and the like are common and not very personal  – use your knowledge of your boss to give him something really personal and special!

Sometimes, Relaxation is the Best Gift:

Buy a gift certificate for the full treatment at a spa – massage, hot tub,manicure, pedicure, the works – and put it in a nice, personal card for your boss’s birthday or other special occasion.  If a spa trip doesn’t appeal to your boss, maybe a gift certificate for a good salon will do the trick.

An Extra Day Off:

If possible, you might get together with your co-workers and see if you can swing an extra day off for that special boss that works so hard.  Give them a chance to spend some extra time in the garden or working on that big project they keep having to put off.  Volunteer to catch up paperwork or handle other tasks so your boss can relax a little bit.

A Night on the Town:

If a boring meal isn’t your style, consider giving your boss a pair of tickets to a movie they really want to see.  You could look into concert tickets or theater tickets as well.  If your boss is a sports fan, why not tickets to a game?

A Book is Worth a Thousand Words:

If your boss is a bookworm, maybe buy them a book they really want to read or better yet, get them a gift certificate for their favorite bookstore.  You could even set them up with a gift card for e-books.  How about arranging an extended lunch so they can go to the library?  If your boss likes to read, anything having to do with books is likely to thrill them!

A Gift Basket:

Find out what your boss’s favorite hobby is and put together a small collection of things they can use in that hobby.  Or, possibly, a do-it-yourself book on their hobby.  You could also include memorabilia about it.  If there is a museum or store in your area that specializes in your boss’s hobby, maybe include admission tickets or gift cards for those places.


If all else fails, tell a good joke at the perfect time or purchase a professional humor book for your boss to enjoy when they’re stressing.  Take them to a comedy movie or play.  Sometimes, laughter really is the only medicine!

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