Great Gift Ideas for Loved Ones, That Leave a Lasting Impression

With so many choices available these days, it might be difficult to choose the perfect gift for that special loved one.  I hope this article helps give you some ideas.

If you are a crafty, creative person, you might choose to make something endearing and wonderful for that special person.  Here are my favorites for the crafty folks out there:

A Memory Quilt:

For a memory quilt, all you need is favorite articles of clothing that can no longer be worn, a cheap blanket (for the lining), and the fabric of your choice for the backing, joining pieces, and binding.  Make your quilt top from the old clothing and assemble the rest of the quilt as you would any other.

The “Mini-Me” Stuffed Animal:

This project works really well for baby clothes that your child has outgrown – footy pajamas or baby snow suits are really good choices because you can just stuff the outfit and attach a head and paws.  You can even add a personal touch by embroidering a name or initials on the clothes first or even by adding an inexpensive locket with a baby picture in it.

The Time-Honored Photo Album:

Always a good choice for a lasting, special gift!  My grandmother made a photo album for me when I was about 11 years old.  It was covered in a pretty orchid colored fabric and trimmed with eyelet lace.  She even filled it with pictures in chronological order so that I had a nice personal history to look through.

The Personal Newspaper:

Most word processing programs have a newsletter template that you can use to make a personal newspaper for that special someone.  For my mother’s 50th birthday, that’s just what I did.  I wrote a “newspaper” for her that highlighted the exciting events and accomplishments.  She loved it and still cherishes it to this day.

A Photographic Family Tree:

I think this is a wonderful gift idea for any age!  Find photos of your family that go back as far as possible and arrange them in a frame or set of frames in family groupings just like you would on a written family tree.

A Week of Wishes:

For that special day, assemble a ticket book for that special someone.  For a mom, the tickets could be for free dish-washing for the day or sock sorting.  For that special birthday person, the tickets could be for a free movie or a trip to the local mall.  You get the idea.

If you’re not so crafty or you really don’t have the time to make anything, there are many gifts to buy that are just as wonderful.  Here are my favorites:

A Mother’s Ring:

You can have a ring designed that has the birthstones in it of all the important people in your loved one’s life.  My aunts and uncles pitched in to buy my grandmother one of these wonderful rings many years ago.  My grandmother cherished it and wore to the very end of her days.

If a ring isn’t your loved one’s style, you can have a pendant for a necklace designed the same way.  And, with a pendant, there is more freedom in the design you choose.

A Personalized T-Shirt or Coffee Mug:

Most print shops will take custom orders for mugs or t-shirts.  Have them printed with a favorite picture or special date.  Have a set made for your next family reunion or holiday get together.  Everyone is sure to love them!

A Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle:

Have a favorite picture converted into a jigsaw puzzle that your loved one can put together over and over again.  Or, they could put it together once and attach to a backing for a super special picture to hang on their wall!.

All-Expenses Paid Vacation:

While this option might be too expensive for some people, you can’t deny how memorable a gift such as this would be!  For a whole family, maybe a trip to Disneyland.  For that special couple, a romantic weekend get-away.  If a whole vacation is not in your budget, you might consider an extra special meal – send that special couple to the restaurant he proposed in.  For that family full of excited children, maybe a big pizza party at an arcade.

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