Generic Shopping for Unique but Cheap Gifts – Best Christmas Gift Ideas

In today’s fast paced world, people are ever busy and always trying to catch up with deadlines and hitting targets at work, as well as carrying out personal chores at home. This means that sometimes, we can get overwhelmed by mundane things such as making a shopping list and finding the holiday gifts that you need to buy for your loved ones.

However, the hardest part of buying gifts for loved ones is not even the time needed to do it or their cost; it is the thoughtfulness that one needs to put into it in order to buy really apt gifts for each member of the family and friends in your gift list. This needs thorough planning and a lot of thinking. Many people are used to the last minute rush whereby they end up buying gifts that look so awkward and disappointing when opened by a loved one. Such people always have a cliché excuse that “It is the thought that counts.” This is normally a lame excuse for inconsiderate gift-giving habits!

As you will realize, it is not the cost of the gift but the thoughtfulness which goes into it that counts when buying a loved one a special gift. To avoid embarrassment by buying awkward gifts in your next generic Christmas gift shopping, here are a few suggestions of affordable but unique gifts that you can always buy for someone special and leave a lasting impression. These are gifts that can afford you more for less.

Nice decorative recipe cards plus a pretty little box ( Preferably containing some of your best recipes)

The recipes that you get from the internet or a book can be quite something. However, there is something quite special about recipes that you receive from people who matter to you; quite sentimental.

A unique poster or print encased in a nice frame

If you are buying gifts for people in their 20s, probably their walls need some nice decor. However, this is one of the trickiest gifts that you can pick for a person. But, thanks to the internet, you can now access really good stuff made by highly talented artists. If they are into music, a unique poster of their favourite musician or band can come in handy. You can also check out Etsy or Tumblr for fan art prints.  This might need quite some searching over the internet and some scratching of your head to remember each individual’s passions for you to get the right print, but it will definitely be worth it.

Scented Candles

A few days to Christmas, it is normal for almost each house to be filled with the sweet aroma of pine.  However, in the days after Christmas, once the pine tree has dried and has been disposed off, it is time for the nice aroma of a scented candle to fill the house. However, you must be mindful that some people are actually very allergic to strong smells, hence might find strongly scented candles more irritating than soothing.

Some Kitchen tools

Stocking one’s first kitchen with stuff that might last for a while is never an easy thing. If you have a friend or a loved one who is starting to live on their own, think of basic kitchen stuff like a nice potato peeler, can opener, or corkscrew. For fancier stuff, go for a pastry cutter, potato masher or a garlic press. You can also add some colour by throwing in a nice tea towel.

Christmas Tree Ornament

You can easily recall your favourite Christmas tree ornaments as a kid. As much as you did not understand their origin, you always fought with your siblings about who was to put them on tree! You completely cherished the presence of those little things, as a child. You can still start amassing a Christmas tree ornament collection. Giving your friends such ornaments as gifts might help them to avoid those gold balls that always keep on falling off their Christmas tree.

A unique memento

One of the most thoughtful gifts that you can give to a loved one is a nice memento. For instance, if you have a mother, she most definitely loves you so-so. Getting her a nice picture of you enclosed in a nice frame, that she can put on her desk at work or easily hang up somewhere in her living room, can be quite thoughtful. If you have children, their framed photos can also be a terrific gift. She would really love to stare at the little pretty faces hanging from her living room wall and think how blessed she is.

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